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No internet? Don’t worry; you can still list your sightings!

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Wildlife Memo
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Salient Features of Wildlife Memo

Which country are you in? Doesn’t matter, works perfect.
No internet? Doesn’t matter, works perfect.
Yes, Wildlife Memo works everywhere and every time. Keep going, the App will keep pace with you.

All in One

Why download 4 different Apps when you have Wildlife Memo! Wildlife Memo catalogues birds, mammals, butterflies and very soon, reptiles and amphibians too.

Share it on Social Media

Always wanted to let the world know about your wildescapades? Well, now you can! Share your photos and listings on social media directly from Wildlife Memo.

See & Store photos

Everybody is a photographer with Wildlife Memo. You can upload your high-quality images as well as screenshots. You can use server-provided data along with your listing for future references.

Near Me

Wildlife Memo is linked with, an upcoming active travel platform developed for travellers and travel enablers from across the globe. The “Near Me” feature in Wildlife Memo lets the users locate the nearest birding spots, wildlife safaris, local guides, and so on.

No connectivity? No Problem

Poor network cannot stop you from listing your sightings anymore. Wildlife Memo is equipped to handle your listing even when you are offline. This feature makes it very useful if you plan to explore remote national parks or go somewhere off the beaten track.

Data Security & Privacy

Wildlife Memo is a part of the ‘TripMemo Go’ App series developed for active travellers around the world. We give ample importance to the privacy of our users and we follow GDPR and ISO 27001 guidelines and practices to ensure data protection and privacy.

Locate Tour Guides

Now you get to have hassle-free touring with the local guide of your choice. Talk to no middleman; negotiate with no intermediary. Wilde App is soon launching a global tour-guide-finding feature. Pick the best local guide you can get and jack up the quality of your wildlife experience.

Explore the World with Wildlife Memo

  • Record all your wildlife sightings instantly.

  • Store all your records and photos in TripMemo Cloud. You can access these at any time from any device.

  • Share your records and achievements with your friends and groups on social media without further ado.

  • Search for the nearest destinations, sites, local guides, itineraries and accommodations in a single click.

Simple layouts &Global Canvas : Works without internet Connectivity

Wildlife Memo uses simple but effective layouts ensuring smooth and easy means for entering data and retrieving information whenever required. A single touch on your phone activates your listing App, after which you can start entering your sightings from wherever you are, be it the deepest forest or the highest peak.

Wildlife Memo is currently a beta-version App and we, the developers, would like to apprise the users of an exiguous possibility of mild glitches. However, don’t be apprehensive; proceed to download the App now and get ready to be surprised.

Wildlife Memo is available for all devices

Download the Beta version now and get future updates free of cost too!

The first few thousand copies of this cutting-edge App is available for FREE to download. Yes, you are a lucky duck indeed!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
Awesome Interface

Simple & Beautiful Interface

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

Hey, Early Bird!


Download the Beta version now and get future updates free of cost too!

The first few thousand copies of this cutting-edge App is available for FREE to download. Yes, you are a lucky duck indeed!

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
Customer's Reviews

What our customers are saying

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

Excellent App & Easy to use

I have been using this App for the last one week. I am totally happy with the functionalities of the App, especially the “always on” option. I used to have a hard time memorising all the sightings when I sit down in front of my PC to enter my records after each trip. Wildlife Memo lets me list sightings right when it happens even without internet connectivity. Truly amazing.

Andrew Roman
United Kingdom

Beautiful App. Very Helpful

I was lucky enough to have come across the advertisement in Facebook thus getting a free copy. Though the developers have marked it as a Beta version, I am yet to experience any glitches. Clement List is currently the only option. I hope they introduce the IOC List soon enough. The butterfly module is also very satisfying.

Rima Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

This App is brought to you by TripMemo, a global community of purposeful travellers and travel enablers.

TripMemo ( is the world’s first OTE (Online Travel Enabler) platform launched in the global travel marketplace. Being a conglomerate of a travel website, mobile applications, and the related web and software tools, TripMemo purports to make a breakthrough in the global travel marketplace in an attempt to replace OTAs. Ruling out the authority of intermediaries and the consequent exploitation of the customers, TripMemo becomes the first commission-free; intermediary-free OTE platform that forms a global online collective of travellers and travel enablers like tour companies, accommodations, local guides, and so on. It is unambiguously the smarter, better, and economical alternative to the OTAs that dominate the travel marketplace, thereby rejuvenating the effaced soul of the travel business.

TripMemo focuses on narrowing the dominance of OTAs in the space of travel/adventure online, thereby bringing more prominence to travel facilitators and the travellers themselves.

'TripMemo Go' is a series of attractive listing apps designed specifically for the members of TripMemo. These activity-centred apps will aid the travellers to keep a record of their tasks and interests such as bird-watching, wildlife photography, wine tasting, angling, trekking and so on. Moreover, the live-data pattern of TripMemo helps you to track your achievements and other experiences gained during the travel.

Wildlife Memo is one among the mobile apps that comes under the 'Go' series of TripMemo. It is designed to be an online listing tool to identify, record, store and share your expedition findings instantly. With a broad spectrum of more than 11,300 bird species, 5500 mammal species and 30,000 butterfly species from around 280 countries and territories across the globe, Wildlife Memo can be marked as a promising platform to anyone who loves to explore the major aspects of wildlife tourism.

Wildlife Memo is currently FREE to download for personal use. However, the free download mode may change after a few months of introductory distribution. Yet, for users who download the free version, there shall be no charges incurred and it will remain free as long as they do not delete their accounts. Refer to our 'Terms of Use' for more information.

All nature/wildlife enthusiasts with an ardent interest in observing or photographing the beauty of wildlife are welcomed by Wildlife Memo. Although this app is meant for recreational purposes, the additional data contributed to it by professionals and academicians would greatly improve its scope and popularity.

No. Internet connection is not required to make a new entry. However, certain features of the app, like adding photos or instant social media sharing would require access to the internet.

Wildlife Memo is a universal App. There is no need to download country-specific databases on to your mobile phone each time you travel to a new country.

This is a beta version and we are currently using the Clement's list for bird-listing. However, the IOC list shall be added to our listing database soon.

Yes. However, this option is currently available only with the Butterfly module. Chances of your encounter with such an issue are rare in the case of birds and mammals. However, our team is currently working on integrating our present database with other lists and the same will be pushed to you when we are ready with the next version.

It is quite easy. Once you select the Add Entry screen by pressing + Add button, you will notice your current country name being autoloaded on screen. Click on the country name and a pop-up screen with the names of all countries and territories will appear (please find our Country and Territory Definition in TripMemo terms & conditions). You can further select the required destination/site names either from our database, or by way of the Google Map system, if you wish to bring more accuracy to your entry.

We are currently working on this feature and we are planning on the addition of data-import capability in the next version of Wildlife Memo.

The Wildlife Memo team is still actively working on the data collection and upgrades of various features. The Herping section shall be made available by December 2020. All users will be notified once the Herping module is ready to be activated on their phones.

We are currently offering Beta versions of our apps. The core strength of TripMemo is that it is an ecosystem both created and managed by its users. This space is open to all your comments, criticisms and suggestions. We even reward such activeness with Polo Points. To report an error, you may go to Settings and click on Reporting, after which you could enteryour comments/suggestions in the allotted space. From there on, we shall do the needful.

Wildlife Memo is not a mere listing app for nature enthusiasts. Rather, the backbone of this app is a live database of TripMemo. Near Me is a unique function which is expected to be active by December 2020. This feature enables travel enthusiasts to search for their nearest destination, get in touch with a local guide, or even to get a short itinerary based on their current location. This can be an extremely useful feature, especially if you are on a business travel with a few hours or days to spare for leisure activities or to explore places.

All your data is stored in a highly secured cloud database of Azure from Microsoft, which has multiple layers of security. Data security is of great importance to us and we observe it at all levels. We are currently in the process of getting certified by ISO 27001 and have even formed an external team to ensure that we adhere to GDPR guides as much as possible. Please visit to see our Data Privacy Policies. However, as a safety measure, it is important to download a copy of your data in a secured hardscape of your choice.

In order to render the best solutions to our users, TripMemo utilises a global hosting partner to enable a secure and highly available server infrastructure. This infrastructure is constantly monitored for regular backups. Our automated backing procedures enable different levels of automated backups with daily, weekly and monthly patterns to ensure optimum data security and availability. Apart from this, we also have an export feature in the app that enables you to export the listing data and photos to your private storage as well.

We encourage users to have their data backed up regularly and have them stored safe. It can be done by clicking on the Back Up option under More. A mail to download your thus saved data will be sent to your registered email.

We do not recommend deleting your account even when you don't wish to use it for some time, especially if it was downloaded during the beta trial period. If you are holding a beta copy of Wildlife Memo, it means that you are one among the few privileged users to whom TripMemo (including Polo Points and other features) is made available free for lifelong. However, once you delete your account and later try downloading the app again, you may have to pay certain charges as per the terms of service applicable during the time.

Your lists are personal to your TripMemo handle unless you share them with your friends or to social media. TripMemo will not publish your personal data in the community.

All the photos you upload to the application have an inbuilt policy to be kept watermarked until you share or contribute them to the TripMemo community. You can also enable the Private mode in your profile through our Settings page (This feature is not available in the current version) to keep all updates within your privacy

Only our Data Team can edit or delete your data after obtaining the approval from the senior data marshals at TripMemo. TripMemo has the right to delete and edit any type of content or even the whole account without taking any prior approval from the account holder. This is done only if we notice that the user has breached any of the aspects mentioned in our Terms of Service.

All data entered by the users are shared with TripMemo, which means that the other users may be able to see your data, including the photos you submit. However, the other data such as your list details, dashboard, etc. are only visible to the account owner. TripMemo believes that sharing photos and information between the members increases the engagement of this community and serves the purpose of education. All your photos will be automatically watermarked with your handle name and a low-resolution version of your photo will be made available to TripMemo members. If you want to use Wildlife Memo to record your observations, but however, do not wish to share your accomplishments publicly, you can make your account private (feature not available with current version). This option will be available in your personal account settings. However, we wish to politely inform you that keeping your account private will weaken the active spirit of TripMemo and its users.