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Frequently Asked Questions

TripMemo is an online travel community that connects travellers and travel enablers without inviting interventions from any OTAs or other commission agents and resellers. It is a unique travel search engine with a crowdsourced travel content management system, various tools for explorers and a unique OTE channel management system that facilitates commission-free bookings for travel businesses. It also powers Grasshopper365, a free software application for travel enablers. They can also create a forever-free business listing on www.tripmemo.com. The travel-related information and tools on TripMemo enable its members to book, plan, document and share their expedition details as itineraries and travel journals.

TripMemo is a unique global community of travellers and travel enablers with a massive database of 4.2 million destinations. You can contribute the details of any destination or its attraction to the TripMemo community in the language of your choice. You will be accredited the contribution courtesy for the particular destination/attraction, i.e. your name as the contributor will be tagged to the destination/attraction in the community. You will be rewarded Polo Points for your contribution and also a few points on the search algorithm.

Grasshopper365 is an all-in-one business software that works on mobile devices. The software is designed exclusively for travel entrepreneurs, viz., tour guides and operators, accommodation service providers, taxi and transport facilitators and travel equipment rentals to manage their day-to-day business operations from enquiry generation to invoicing. It works hand-in-hand with your responsive business listing on www.tripmemo.com and is free to use, provided you have a functional TripMemo OTE Channel Manager for your business.

Yes. All the traveller tools and apps and their future updates will be free for those who sign up now. The TripMemo OTE Channel Management Services are currently the only subscription-based service of TripMemo.

The Online Travel Enabler™ (OTE) platform, a smarter alternative to the commission-based OTAs, facilitates a new way of doing business where travel business enterprises directly connect with their customers without any commission agents or other intermediaries. This not only helps the businesses to improve their profit margins but also in brand growth and the building of a loyal customer base for them.

Grasshopper365, the world’s first OTE software which makes your TripMemo business listing responsive, is fully equipped to meet the needs of travellers and travel enablers by connecting them directly. Entrepreneurs can set up their TripMemo channel manager by uploading their business details during the onboarding process and start using Grasshopper365 on their mobile devices. This mobile software app enables entrepreneurs to manage their business completely from a mobile device effectively, efficiently and effortlessly. Covering everything from enquiries to invoices without involving any intermediaries, here are some of the benefits of the OTE over OTAs:

Channel Management Tool

Responsive Business Listing

Zero Commissions

Direct & Instant Payments

Increased Brand Growth

Customer Ownership

Autonomy over inventory and pricing

Free all-in-one booking and business management software

In addition to free access to the all-in-one mobile business software app of Grasshopper365, the benefit of having a functional TripMemo OTE Channel Manager is a responsive listing of your business on tripmemo.com. A responsive business listing lets your customers directly send enquiries to your mobile device (on which the Grasshopper365 App is installed) by clicking on the booking snippets on the listing. Your listing will be responsive as long as you have your TripMemo OTE Channel Manager functional (free for the first 45 days). After the free trial, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee starting from USD 10 per month to keep your channel manager functional. This will keep your listing responsive and give you free access to the Grasshopper365 Software App. However, your listing will remain visible to visitors as a static page even if you do not wish to pay.

Yes. The microsite (business listing) of your business will always be displayed on www.tripmemo.com after your business onboarding. Your microsite will be visible to all the visitors and members of the community even if you do not wish to continue your subscription for the channel manager until you delete your listing forever. In that case, your microsite will remain static, i.e. the Book Now/Get Quote and Ask Me snippets planted on your microsite, social media pages and your websites will not work. Your microsite (business listing) will be responsive as long as you keep your TripMemo OTE Channel Manager functional.

No. TripMemo does not require your credit card or bank details at the time of your user registration or any time after. It is completely free to sign up as a traveller or to list your business on the platform.

Why shouldn’t you when you can get an all-in-one software app free of cost, and:
1. Receive enquiries from multiple channels on your mobile device.
2. Have a channel management system and a responsive business listing on www.tripmemo.com and secure an improved flow of enquiries.
3. Win commission-free bookings.
4. Always be connected with your social media business pages and business websites.
5. Have a customised booking engine at your disposal.
6. Enjoy autonomy over your inventory and pricing.
7. Create and send quotes and invoices.
8. Practice CRM effectively.
9. Associate with other business enterprises.

Yes. We believe being a part of TripMemo is a great idea. If you find that the adventure travel business is growing in your area much like in the rest of the world, consider introducing our services for your company. More interestingly, numerous adventure travellers frequently ask for city tours or short holiday packages, mostly at the end of their adventure tour schedule. In most cases, adventure travel guides are not able to meet such demands. This is where you come in and grab that business straight away.

Migrating your business to the TripMemo OTE Channel Manager will help you to automate most of your business, manage it from your mobile device and let you seamlessly integrate the enquiry module of software with your website, social media pages and www.tripmemo.com.

No. TripMemo is a commission-free platform for travel enablers worldwide, and listing your business on www.tripmemo.com is free. The only requirement for a responsive business listing and to use the free Grasshopper365 Software App is a functional TripMemo OTE Channel Manager for your business. However, to keep your channel manager functional, you will have to pay a nominal subscription fee starting from USD 10 after the free trial period (first 45 days).

Of course, you can. Our snippets that will connect your Grasshopper365 engines with your website and social media pages and features such as itinerary maker, logbook and your TripMemo timeline are powerful tools that could be used to solicit business from other channels like social media platforms.

TripMemo facilitates the increased generation of leads in many ways. This is chiefly achieved with the help of several channels that boost the flow of customer enquiries. They include:
1. Setting up your TripMemo OTE Channel Manager by onboarding your business on www.tripmemo.com so that you can have a responsive business listing on the platform and use Grasshopper365 software on your mobile device
2. Planting G365 snippets (Book Now/ Get Quote/ Ask Me) on your social media business profiles or your business websites to funnel down enquiries to your mobile device
3. Collaborating with other non-competing business entities in the platform (TM Associates) to create more business opportunities
4. Managing all direct walk-in/phone call enquiries
5. Connecting your inventories directly with Google Ads using G2 Connect*
*feature currently under development
6. Building a loyal customer base by communicating directly with your customers using our CRM module for repeat orders
7. Making relevant contributions to the TripMemo community

Yes. TripMemo Associates is a unique B2B feature where you can invite your business allies to the TripMemo platform and associate with them over Grasshopper365 to collaborate and share business opportunities.

The safety and privacy of your data and business information are of high priority to us. All your data is stored in a highly secured cloud database and servers of Azure from Microsoft, which has multiple layers of security. TripMemo and Grasshopper365 also comply with the data security and privacy requirements of GDPR and ICO guidance. We are in the process of getting our services certified by ISO 27001.

On discontinuing your subscription, your channel manager will become non-functional, rendering your business listing unresponsive, i.e., the booking snippets will become unresponsive, and your access to the free Grasshopper365 software will be impaired. However, your static business listing will be displayed on www.tripmemo.com, and customers can continue to contact you directly using the details displayed on the listing.

In the unlikely event of our stopping the services, be assured that you will be informed quite well in advance about the halt. You will be permitted to download all your data to your system. All your personal and business information will be deleted from the cloud after you have downloaded your data successfully.